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Who We Are

Organisation set up to provide help for those who are in need

Dynamic and Effective Charity

The Society for the Unwell & Needy (SUN) is a highly structured, organisation working to provide aid to all those in need. From serving dinners at homeless shelters every Christmas to setting up Mobile Treatments Centres internationally.

Network of Volunteers

We have worked to help the poor, sick and needy. From setting up projects to encouraging progressive development in communities, we mobilise all international units in the event of a large scale disaster to provide immediate and efficient emergency aid.

Service to Humanity

In the last few years we have also seen the origin of SUN USA, a branch of the organisation which now plays an equal part in all our international rehabilitation projects.

Sun Academy

The Rising Sun of Enlightenment

SUN ACADEMY is one of the foremost non-profit organisations in Pakistan in the field of education. It is sponsored and supervised by The Society for the Unwell & Needy (SUN) since 2008 and become functional on 1st April 2010. SUN Academy is one of the multiple schools that SUN Charity aims to establish for the under privileged children Worldwide.

Helping Needy

We have worked and built up a network of volunteers who strive to help the poor, sick and needy

Nazeer Hussain University

Nazeer Hussain University (NHU), is one of the leading institutions of Higher Education in Pakistan. It is a progressive university chartered by the Government of Sindh and recognized by the Higher Education Commission. Established in 2012, Nazeer Hussain University started off as a private research university with the vision to make high-class education affordable for middle and proletariat working class of the country.

Provide aid, help the poor, sick and needy