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Who We Are

Organisation set up to provide help for those who are in need

Dynamic and Effective Charity

SUN is a highly structured UK registered charity which specializes in providing EDUCATION to needy and orphan children.
Since its inception in 1997, SUN has educated thousands of very needy children and helped change their lives forever.
We believe a high quality education is the right of every child, regardless of their economic background.

Volunteer Network

We have worked hard to help the underprivileged and needy through our networks. From setting up projects to encouraging progressive development in communities.
Our networks have helped organize events and awareness to the work we do so that the poor and needy can benefit.

Service to Humanity

We provide high quality education so as to transform the lives of needy children so that they can maximize their potential..
This in turn leads to educated individuals, peaceful societies, economic growth and reduction in poverty.
Our vision is to empower deserving children with knowledge, skills and confidence to become adults of good character and morality.

Sun Academy

The Rising Sun of Enlightenment

SUN ACADEMY is one of the foremost non-profit organisations in Pakistan in the field of education. It is sponsored and supervised by The Society for the Unwell & Needy (SUN) since 2008 and become functional on 1st April 2010. SUN Academy is one of the multiple schools that SUN Charity aims to establish for the under privileged children Worldwide.

“Introduction to SUN and SUN Academy”

Provide resources to help educate the poor and orphans.

We provide vital  resources to educate the  poor and orphans