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SUN ACADEMY is one of the foremost non-profit organizations in Pakistan in the field of education. It is sponsored and supervised by ‘The Society for the Unwell & Needy’ (SUN) since 2008 and become functional on 1st April 2010. SUN Academy is one of the multiple schools that SUN Charity aims to establish for the under privileged children Worldwide.

The initial admission at the Academy were offered at Kindergarten Levels I & II and the strength was 100, the strength has increased to 1000 students in 2019. SUN Academy is committed to admit around 100 Students per year from every strata of the community. Almost 60% students of the Academy stem from under privileged background, therefore pay a nominal fee or no fee at all.

The idea behind the establishment of SUN Academy is to bring economically deprived students at par with their elite counterparts. The Academy is now among the top 3 schools in Karachi (a Metropolis of nearby 20 million) in a relatively short period of ten years. SUN aims to initiate another school during 2020.